From Brazil to Barsha: Natural stone crystal quartz and quartzite a rapidly growing trend in the building materials and interiors industry

Ceramics🕔 26 June 2014

The demand for quality building materials is on the rise as the construction industry enters another boom; recent estimates put the industry at USD 41bn Arteco Ceramics, one of the leading UAE-based suppliers of high quality interior products and building materials including ceramics, mosaics, porcelain, semi-precious natural stone materials and clay roofing tiles, is the exclusive supplier in the UAE market for the increasingly popular semi-precious natural stone materials, crystal quartz and quartzite. The demand for quality building materials is growing proportionately to the construction growth in the country, which has been calculated as having a CAGR of 9.5% from 2012-2016; 2013 estimates indicate that the industry is worth approximately USD 41bn. Commenting on the growth of the construction industry and the opportunity for crystal quartz, Mohamed El Shamy, Director of Arteco Ceramics, stated: “As the construction industry enters another growth period, the demand for quality building materials is also increasing. Another advantage for the growth of crystal quartz in the market is that the use of these materials is diversifying as entities and individuals look to enhance interior décor through wall applications and furniture in addition to the more traditional use of these materials in flooring.

” While wall applications for tiles is considered to be the most rapidly growing segment calculated as having a CAGR of 8.0% from 2012-2018, crystal quartz is most often used for wall applications and counter tops due to the ease of cleaning and its resistance to scratching and staining. Probably the most interesting aspect of crystal quartz is its ability to reflect light. “This growing trend for crystal quartz is also due to its ability to enhance wall décor as it can also be back lit allowing for even greater interior design effects,” added El Shamy. “There are actually many ways that crystal quartz can be installed to be a central feature in the home or office; back-lighting creates a very nice effect and we are currently noticing this trend in the UAE market. It is also gaining ground as furniture in its use for table tops, counter tops, and even sofas.” Crystal quartz tiles come in many different shades and colours including botanical greens, earthy browns, blue, and reflective white. Arteco’s crystal quartz is sourced from Brazil, which is one of the main resources of this natural stone material.

Ceramics🕔 26 June 2014

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