Work on Cayan’s CMC Tower Progresses Ahead of Schedule

Local🕔 12 June 2016

Work on Cayan’s CMC Tower Progresses Ahead of Schedule Structural package completed mixed-use commercial tower in Riyadh

Riyadh,12th June 2016-- Cayan Group, the leading property developer in the Middle East’s ongoing mixed-use commercial tower in Riyadh is nearing completion, ahead of schedule. The CMC Tower located in Riyadh, on King Fahad Road is 14 stories tall. The total cost of the CMC Tower is budgeted at SAR 100 million.

Currently, construction of the CMC Tower is progressing at a steady rate and ahead of schedule. Usually, a tower of this stature consisting of three distinct phases or packages—the enabling, structural and finishing packages—of development takes a period of 24 months for completion.

Both the enabling and structural packages of the CMC Tower have been completed ahead of schedule within 3 and 6 months respectively. The structural package was awarded to and completed by Al Bawani Co. The finishing package is now about to be awarded.

“Credit has to be given after God, to Cayan’s qualified team of professionals and the Al Bawani Co for working together to complete the structural work ahead of schedule. This signifies great teamwork, planning, and communication on all sides. We are proud of this, and are thrilled at the prospect of an early completion of the entire CMC Tower,’’ commented Mr. Ahmed Alhatti, Chairman of Cayan Group.

The CMC Tower will feature a folded wall, an iconic screen for advertising purposes, and simple geometry when completed.

Local🕔 12 June 2016

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