White Cement- Strength, Beauty & Aesthetics

Local🕔 25 August 2016

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” a very well said thought and has gifted the construction industry with range of world class products from JK Cement Ltd. Group. In modern construction world the demand and requirements for aesthetics undergo rampant changes. And to accommodate with them we at JK White Cement have always provided with products that best fit to these ever changing demands.

Today usage of white cement has changed and the applications are enormous. From just being white cement it has grown to be a major ingredient in major construction practices. Amongst many applications, Precast is the one application which has major consumption of white cement. Though the precast can also be done with Grey Cement but the changing aesthetic requirements and the drive for beautification of modern cities have brought into light the White Cement which makes it possible. The most convincing thought for replacing Grey Cement based precast could be that the Grey precast requires paint/maintenance very frequently instead White Cement based precast does not require any paint or maintenance.

With JK White Cement you do not only guarantee strength but also assures that your final product will have appeal, which talks about its beauty and reciprocates the imaginations of creator. Precast can be of many types to name a few it may be Cladding Panels (For Exterior/Interior Walls), median barriers, Kerb stones, garden beautifying concrete products, etc. Today the precast can be of any desired color and is not limited only to being of white color.

This unique feature of white cement makes it more interesting product and sets it apart from just being cement as a binding agent. Yet strong, yet tough, and at the same time it provides flaunting appearances!!!

For sales enquiries or any information pertaining to product you may contact us at sales.fuj@jkcement.com or log into www.jkcementuae.com

Local🕔 25 August 2016

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