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Local🕔 30 August 2016

White Cement of today is not only limited to being used in concrete. Today White Cement is a material for innovation and for driving imaginations and possibilities beyond limits. The recent innovation in concrete is awe-inspiring to name few like self-illuminating concrete, translucent concrete and the structures where one can even make photo engraving.

Glass Reinforced Concrete- GRC has always been in the up-foot to be a contributor to this innovation and for making the designs of future. The White Cement based GRC is not only durable but is also phenomenal in terms of color, application, longetivity, strength, appearance and economical over the GRC done with grey cement in due course of time.

JK White Cement has always played a vital role in pulling the innovation within industry and contributing to the success stories. Today JK White Cement with consumption in over 40 countries worldwide has brought the products which are more practical and suitable for constant changes and challenges. In GRC also our White Cement has been part of various applications like Cladding panels, Fascia panels, Decorative panels, Arches, Fountains, Domes, and many more worldwide.

The plethora of advantages that white cement provides over grey cement are like, a white cement based GRC does not deteriorate as compared to Reinforced-Concrete Cement- RCC, also the maintenance cost of GRC done with white cement is more less as compared to grey cement based GRC to name a few. The increasing demand in aesthetics has also put pressure on reducing the cost of overall construction and a GRC provides more strength as compared to RCC for same membrane thickness.

At JK White Cement we take pride in being an inventor and an innovator and not just being a product manufacturer.

Local🕔 30 August 2016

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