Lighting contributes to 17% of all energy consumption in KSA

Local🕔 3 May 2017

Riyadh, April, 2017: Philips Lighting Saudi Arabia, the global leader in lighting, announced today signing a strategic distribution agreement with Ahmed AbdulWahed Trading Company for its LED and home consumer offering. The evolution of LEDs have changed the industry with innovative new applications continually emerging, offering significantly greater connectivity, durability and energy efficient light source.

Wael Gad, CEO of Philips Lighting Saudi Arabia commenting on the agreement stated “We are thrilled to be here today signing an agreement that represents a milestone and turning point for serving the end consumer better in the Kingdom. This partnership will give consumers around the Kingdom easier and greater access to our LED & home products, providing them more energy efficient and environmentally conscious lighting.”

This agreement comes at a time where austerity measures by the government are calling for greater conscious consumption and elimination of wasteful usage of energy and electricity.

Rapid urbanizing together with a population growth mushrooming at a pace far quicker than that of many of its G20 counterparts, places tremendous pressure on natural resources and energy demand on all time high.

Lighting is responsible for 17% of electricity use in the Kingdom. The global average is 15%, presenting a key area for energy conservation or usage of energy efficient appliances at the home, in offices, and public spaces. The Kingdom is aiming to reduce these dependencies by reducing the size of the subsidies offered on energy and other household services.

“We provide energy efficient and affordable LED lighting solutions for the Saudi market according to local needs and tastes of consumers. The Kingdom is an important market for us, we manufacture locally – operating 3 factories and work closely with local authorities to enhance the LED offering. Our new partner is a household name for reliable home appliances and electrical equipment. We are proud to be working together bringing illumination into peoples environments” added Wael Gad.

Growing interest in LED is driving demand. LED lighting (from reputable organizations) is proven to be more than five times more efficient than most halogen bulbs and lasts ten times longer than the traditional light bulbs.

Sustainability is at the heart of Philips and serves as a catalyst for innovation, having pioneered many energy efficiency breakthroughs in lighting over its 123-year history.

He closed by saying “We are committed to remain a trusted partner for local and central administration and as a supplier of sustainable Energy Efficieny technologies to meet the goals in Vision 2030.”

Local🕔 3 May 2017

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