Wärtsilä guarantees the performance of Hail Cement Company’s power plant in Saudi Arabia

Local🕔 13 February 2018

The technology group Wärtsilä and Saudi Arabia-based Hail Cement Company continue their co-operation by renewing the three-year asset management agreement for Hail Cement Company’s power plant in Turbah, Saudi Arabia. Wärtsilä provides guarantees for the performance of the power plant and ensures the reliability and availability of its operations. The operations of the power plant are remotely monitored from a Wärtsilä service centre for real-time data gathering and analysis. This agreement, signed in November 2017, is already the second renewal of Wärtsilä’s service agreement for the power plant in Turbah, the first agreement being signed in 2012.

“Wärtsilä has been responsible for the full operation and maintenance of our power plant in Turbah for about six years now. We have been satisfied with their flexibility, quality of service and emphasis on safety, and are happy to continue our co-operation with them,” says Matar Al Zahrani, CEO of Hail Cement Company.

Maximising availability and ensuring reliability

Under the agreement, Wärtsilä provides guarantees for the performance of the power plant. “We are proud to continue our long-term co-operation with Hail Cement Company. With this new agreement, we can continue to maximise availability and ensure reliability, optimised fuel consumption and reduced operating costs for Hail Cement Company’s power plant,” says Seppo Hautajoki, Wärtsilä Services Unit Director in Middle East.

The agreement covers the operation and maintenance of Hail Cement Factory’s power plant, including the day-to-day operation of the power plant, preventive and predictive maintenance as well as plant operations manpower, health and safety management.

The 53 MW base load power plant is equipped with seven Wärtsilä 32 engines, and provides energy for Hail Cement Company’s cement factory as well as for the nearby residential area.

Wärtsilä has a strong market position in providing energy for Saudi Arabia’s cement industry. At the moment, approximately 70 percent of the country’s cement manufacturing facilities are powered by Wärtsilä’s power plants.

Local🕔 13 February 2018

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